Lolo Dederer


You’ve probably heard phrases like “attitude of gratitude” and “the power of positive thinking.” We’re often encouraged to “look for the silver lining” and “see the glass half full.” We’re told to remember that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and the best is always yet to come. But does an optimistic attitude really change anything? What can it change? It turns out that incorporating a practice of gratitude into your…

A video montage of “thank you” messages from the team is a perfect coach appreciation gift for any coach regardless of personality or preferences. And if you insist on a physical gift, make sure to keep it personal, thoughtful, and useful.

Reading wedding cards is a treasured moment for couples; make sure yours is enjoyable and well worth the read. Get ideas for what to write to a family member friend, or coworker and a couple ways to make your card extra special.

Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Celebrating your best friend who lives across the country or the world? Commemorating a milestone birthday for a friend or family member? No matter how picky your special someone is, receiving messages from family and friends is sure to make them smile. Putting together a video montage as a birthday gift can be a time-consuming and frustrating project. Sending emails, downloading and organizing files, and editing…