Reading wedding cards is a treasured moment for couples; make sure yours is enjoyable and well worth the read!

Whether you know the couple in question well, or have only encountered them a few times, your well-wishing words will be meaningful to them. Take a look at these guidelines and ideas before you start writing your note.

Wedding Card Etiquette

When you’re invited to a wedding, sending a card is the bare minimum. If you’re able to attend, a gift is usually expected, and you can bring your card along with the gift to the wedding reception. If you are unable to attend, you should still send a congratulatory note to the couple, letting them know you’re sad to miss their big day. Some couples have small weddings and you may not be invited at all, but you can still send a card.

There are many acceptable forms a wedding card can take. A handwritten note is always the best way to show your care for the couple and their plans for the future. You can choose plain, nice, stationery or find a decorative card online or in your local paper goods store. If you really want your message to stand out, take a few minutes to make your own homemade card.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Wedding Cards

The newlyweds you’re celebrating will probably be happy just to receive a card from you, bu there are a few cardinal rules you should follow to ensure you don’t offend anyone.


  • Write the card to both participants. This is all about honoring their union, not your close relationship to just one of them.
  • Add personal touches. It’s especially important to expand beyond a generic greeting if you know the couple well.
  • Take your time while writing your message. Spelling errors or messy handwriting will detract from your note.


  • Write something inappropriate or something you wouldn’t want both parties to read. Remember that family members also are often invited to read through these cards.
  • Mention a future family for the couple — that’s strictly their business!

What to Write in Your Card

Wedding card what to write

What you write in your wedding card varies greatly on who you’re writing it for, how long you’ve known them, and what kind of relationship you have with them. The guidelines below include what to write for a traditional couple, a best friend, a family member, a parent, a son or daughter, a sibling, and a coworker. If none of these categories quite fit the couple in question, you can easily modify any of the most basic messages to meet your needs.

Wedding Wishes For a Traditional Couple

These wishes work well for a couple you don’t know well or a couple who tends to follow traditional social practices. For this kind of couple, it’s important that you write a handwritten note on nice stationery.

  • “Best wishes for a long and wonderful life together.”
  • “May your love for each other grow stronger with each day that passes.”
  • “Wishing you eternal love and happiness.”
  • “Here’s to your beautiful union!”
  • “Warmest congratulations to you and cheers to this exciting new chapter of your lives.”
  • “Thank you for letting us join in the celebration of your union.”
  • Religious references as appropriate

Wedding Wishes For a Best Friend

Your best friend is getting married! What can you say that would come close to expressing your joy for him or her? You really can’t go wrong, but consider whether your friend tends to be more serious or lighthearted and go from there.

  • “I’m so glad you two have found each other. Here’s to many more years of friendship!”
  • “I feel so lucky to call both of you close friends. Best wishes for the rest of your lives together!”
  • “Congratulations to my best friend, and their best friend!”
  • “May you bring each other as much joy as you have brought me.”
  • “I knew you two were meant to be! Cheers to all of the wonderful memories you’ll make together.”
  • “I’m beyond excited to see you start your new life together.”
  • “Your dreams are finally coming true — enjoy every moment of today and every day to come!”
  • “Wishing you and your new best friend all the best in the years ahead.”

Wedding Wishes For a Family Member

These wedding wishes work for a cousin, aunt, uncle or any other member of your extended family. Start with a generic message and feel free to add a more personal touch if you know this couple well.

  • “We’re so grateful to call you both family.”
  • “Our family could not be happier that you two have found love. Best wishes for a strong and happy marriage.”
  • “Giving the warmest welcome to our new family member.”
  • Consider mentioning a family tradition that you’re looking forward to them being part of; make them feel welcome.
  • “We’re so excited to support you as you learn and grow together. Congratulations!”

Wedding Wishes For a Parent

You may not be overjoyed that your parent is getting married, and you may not even like their new partner. It’s best to express your congratulations anyway to make sure your they can enjoy this special day. Most importantly, keep your message genuine — don’t feel the need to overdo it with an effusive note if it doesn’t represent how you feel.

  • “I’m so glad you’ve found a partner to share the next chapter of your life with.”
  • “Thank you for being the best mom/dad ever. You deserve this more than anything!”
  • “Wishing you and [name of stepparent] love and happiness on this exciting new journey.”
  • “I’m happy to welcome [name of stepparent] into our family. Best wishes for the adventures ahead of you!”
  • “Best wishes for a marriage filled with love and joy.”
  • “Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for the joy you’ve brought into our family.”

Wedding Wishes For a Son or Daughter

This a huge moment if you’re a parent passing your son or daughter on to their partner. It’s completely normal for you to feel mixed emotions about the wedding day, but make sure it’s clear that you’re wishing only the best for the couple. Make sure to add personal memories or advice to leave a meaningful impact.

  • “I’ve/We’ve been dreaming of this moment since the day you were born. Congratulations, I/we love you both so much!”
  • “I’m/We’re so proud and so excited to welcome a new son/daughter into the family. I/we couldn’t be happier for you!”
  • “Your love for each other is beautiful and inspiring. Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness!”
  • “I/We wouldn’t want anyone else as my/our son/daughter-in-law. Here’s to the next chapter of your lives!”
  • “I/We can’t wait for you to start your lives together. And don’t forget, [your favorite piece of marriage advice].”

Wedding Wishes For a Sibling

There aren’t many rules for writing a wedding card to your sibling. You know this person inside and out and you know what kind of message they’ll want to receive from you. Throw in your best inside joke, your favorite memory with this person, or an embarrassing story (if it’s appropriate for everyone else to read!). Don’t forget to mention your sibling’s spouse.

  • “You have been the best sister/brother in the world and it makes me so happy to see you happy. Don’t forget to come visit me!”
  • “I love both of you so much and am so excited to see you start your life together. Congratulations!”
  • “I’m relieved to have another sibling joining the family! Let’s see if he/she can keep up with our [fun family tradition].”
  • “I am so beyond happy that you’ve found your other half. Take care of him/her like you’ve taken care of me.”
  • “Thank you for being the light in my life. I’m so glad you get to share your light with an amazing husband/wife.”

Wedding Wishes For a Coworker

Relationships with coworkers vary from person to person. Keep it professional, but feel free to add a personal touch or fond memory if you know this person as a close friend.

  • “Thank you for allowing me to share in your celebration of love and happiness. Wishing you all the best in the years to come!”
  • “You’ve been an amazing coworker and I know you’ll make an even better husband/wife. Congratulations!”
  • “All the best to the two of you in this new chapter of your life.”
  • “My congratulations to you on your marriage and best wishes for a long and happy life together.”
  • “Warm wishes for the adventures that lie ahead of you.”

How To Make Your Wedding Card Extra Special

A handwritten note is a perfect way to express your best wishes to any couple, regardless of your relationship to them. If the couple in question in extra special to you, consider going the extra mile with your card.

  • Buy a unique wedding card on Etsy
  • Make a custom card by hand
  • Make a montage video with well-wishes from friends and family with — no video editing skills required!


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