Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Celebrating your best friend who lives across the country or the world? Commemorating a milestone birthday for a friend or family member? No matter how picky your special someone is, receiving messages from family and friends is sure to make them smile.

Putting together a video montage as a birthday gift can be a time-consuming and frustrating project. Sending emails, downloading and organizing files, and editing footage yourself using software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro is a days- if not weeks-long project.

Skip all of the hassle and create a collaborative group card in just a few minutes with HipHip.app. Invite contributors, wait for the signatures to roll in, and approve the submitted videos, pictures, and notes for production. Sit back and relax while the movie bot does all the work! You’ll receive a montage of all signatures and digital flipbook for those who’d like to manually view each message. Here’s how to get the most out of your HipHip.

How to Set Up Your Virtual Birthday Card

How to sign up for HipHip surprise video

Go to HipHip.app and create a card. You can use your Google or Facebook account to log in or create an account with your email address. Once you’ve started your card, you can add a cover photo and send the card out to friends and family. Customize the message that will go out to contributors or stick with the default message, and you’re set to go.

For a detailed step-by-step guide of the full process, click here.

How to Get Lots of Signatures on Your Card

How to share your HipHip birthday video

For your gift to be truly special, aim for 25 or more signatures. You’ll probably have to reach out to 50 or more people in order to reach that goal.

HipHip allows you to copy the permalink to your card, share via Facebook, or send emails directly from the website. Our users have generally found the highest success rate sending the link in a text — HipHip is designed to work seamlessly on any iPhone or Android.

Not getting enough responses? Picking a prompt for your card may inspire more invitees to contribute. These prompts could apply to any honoree:

  • What three words would you use to describe [insert name]?
  • What’s your favorite memory of [insert name]?
  • Why is [insert name] special to you?
  • Why do you love [insert name]?
  • How has [insert name] changed your life?
  • How does [insert name] inspire you?

If your contributors are still having trouble with what to say, direct them to our guide for writing birthday messages.

How to Edit and Share Your Birthday Video

You’ve gotten lots and lots of heartfelt, hilarious, wonderful messages — now what? HipHip makes it easy. Go to the video editing studio to rearrange images, videos, and written messages. You can also edit or delete written messages and image captions. For a balanced video, distribute the messages, photos, and videos evenly throughout. Once you’ve got everything in the order you like, click “Save and Finalize Video.”

Wait an hour or two and your video and flipbook will be ready for sharing! To share with the honoree and contributors, you can copy the video link, send a QR code, or download the MP4 file for reupload on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Here’s an example of what a typical HipHip video looks like.

How to Celebrate on the Big Day

HipHip is all about making it easy to celebrate important milestones in each persons life. Adding a few unique touches to your celebration will make this year’s birthday extra memorable.

If you’re creating a group video card as a birthday gift, chances are you’re celebrating someone who lives far away from you or is unable to celebrate with you in person. Here are a few ways to make a virtual celebration just a little bit more special.

  • Find a bakery close to your honoree and have a birthday treat delivered to their door.
  • Host a surprise Zoom meeting for your honoree. You can broadcast the video from your screen so all meeting participants can watch together in real time.
  • Check out this list of Zoom party ideas.

Here are a few ideas for celebration if you’re lucky enough to have a physical gathering:

  • Decorate with birthday banners or balloons.
  • Invite a group of friends and family — preferably those who contributed to the video!
  • Find a way to display your video on a big screen (e.g. TV, projector, etc.).

Press play and watch the magic happen!


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